The Pediatric Hospital Foundation, Fundación Hospital Pediátrico, was established in 2014 with the mission to support the pediatric hospital, Hospital Pediátrico Universitario, Dr. Antonio Ortiz in Centro Médico.  This hospital is the most important medical institution for children and adolescents in Puerto Rico.  Thanks to the vision and energy of the numerous doctors and volunteers, the foundation has become an essential part for the community within the hospital.

The foundation has raised funds that are directed towards renovating the hospital, specifically, patient facilities and parent waiting areas. They also donate monitoring and treatment devices for patients and any need the hospital identifies that will hinder the treatment for the children.

The Pediatric Hospital Foundation is run only with donations and with the support of local corporations, private foundations, and citizens that feel the urge to make a lasting difference in the way healthcare is provided to children across the island.


Any Donation is Welcomed

The donations received are invested in:


  • Medical equipment that ensure the highest quality of care for the hospital.


  • Optimizing the infrastructure of the hospital to fulfill the needs for renovations to include modern facilities that will positively impact the wellbeing of patients.


  • Positively impact the overall experience of patients and caregivers by increasing their access to services within the hospital.


  • Creating an effective environment that will permit the medical community to work more efficiently towards developing better care for patients and their caregivers.

Our Goals:

  • Inaugurate the Unidad de Radiología Intervencionista (the only one in Puerto Rico)

  • Remodel the Renal Unit where the only pediatric dialysis center is located in the Island.


  • Renovate the bathrooms and patient rooms for the Pediatric General and Surgical Units.


  • Install a water heating system for patient rooms in Tower 1.


  • Build a specific area for caregivers with children in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.


  • Develop a growing environment for patients in order to improve their experience.


  • Create a formal Child Life Specialistsprogram.


  • Buy medical equipment as needed.

Center for Patient Services

The Center for Patient Services started as a response to the devastation brought by Hurricane Maria in 2017.  This service center receives, organizes, and distributes donations to the community with the help of volunteers.


Manolo Cidre



Manuel Iglesias, MD


Dra. Annette Rodríguez


Daniel del Castillo, MHSA


Aidita Gnocchi

Alicia Fernández, MD (miembro fundadora)

Crucita Mattei

Edda Quintero MD

Francisco J. Arraiza MD

Iris Muñiz

Karina Iglesias

Marta Acevedo

Milagros Vázquez González

Lcda. Maria Teresa Szendrey Ramos

Lcdo. Roberto González del Río


Pediatric Hospital Foundation

For more information: (939) 450-7090

Postal address

Box 10728 San Juan, PR 00922-0728