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Attract resources to enhance the quality of life of the Pediatric Hospital community, including patients, caregivers, medical residents, doctors and support staff.


Help the Pediatric Hospital at Medical Center to become the best option for the health of children and adolescents.

Why help?



Our History

The Pediatric Hospital Foundation was established in 2014 to support the University Pediatric Hospital Dr. Antonio Ortiz located in the Puerto Rico Medical Center.  This hospital is the most important medical institution for children and adolescents in Puerto Rico.  Thanks to the vision and energy of numerous doctors and volunteers, the Foundation has become an essential part of the hospital community.


The Foundation raises funds aimed for the renovation of the hospital, specifically patient facilities and parent waiting areas. It also donates monitoring and treatment devices for patients and fulfills other needs that the hospital identifies for the treatment for the children.

The Pediatric Hospital Foundation is run exclusively with donations and with the support of local corporations, private foundations, and citizens that feel the need to make a lasting difference in the way healthcare is provided to children across the island.

Nuestra Historia
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We Welcome your Donation

We use donations to:


  • Buy medical equipment that ensures the highest quality of care.

  • Optimize the infrastructure with the latest equipment to positively impact the wellbeing of patients.

  • Improve the overall experience of patients and access to patients and caregivers. 


  • Create an environment that allows the medical community to work more efficiently and improve healthcare for patients and their caregivers.

Our Projects and Programs

  • A&E Design, Equipment, & Setting of the Renal Dialysis Unit.

  • Inaugurate the Pediatric Interventional Radiology unit (the only one in Puerto Rico).

  • Update Medicine Resident Spaces.

  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) facilities improvements.

  • Transition for Puerto Rican Youth with Chronic Conditions. Research to know pediatric patients with chronic illnesses (between the ages of 18-21) and their caretakers who need to make the transition to adult medical care.

  • Expand programs aimed at direct service to improving the physical and mental health of pediatric patients and their caregivers. Specifically, for comprehensive mental health services with certified Child Life specialists, Renal Care Coordinator and Physical Therapy services.

  • Renovate & Expand Patient & Family Center, supporting families through their experience at the hospital by providing supplies, food, equipment, services, entertainment, & recreational activities while hospitalized.

  • Update & Enhance Pediatric Environment.

Center for Patient Services

The Center for Patient Services started as a response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017.  This service center receives, organizes, and distributes donations to the community with the help of volunteers.

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We continuously need:

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  • Diapers

  • Surgical medical equipment

  • Clothes in all sizes (must be new):

  1. Pijamas/ Robes

  2. Socks

  3. Underware

  • Personal hygiene care products

  • Items to entertain patients:

  1. Toys (No stuffed animals/plush toys allowed)

  2. Coloring books

  3. Storybooks (Preferably in Spanish)

Mesa Directiva

Board of Directors



Daniel del Castillo, MHSA


Vice President 

Manuel Iglesias, MD

Karina Iglesias.jpg


CPA Karina Iglesias



Lcda. Ingrid Oms


Lcda. Maria Teresa Szendrey Ramos.jpg

Maria Teresa Szendrey Ramos, Esq.

Lcdo. Roberto González del Río.jpg

Roberto González del Río, Esq.


Francisco J. Arraiza MD


Irene Rial Bou

Engr Pedro Calderin_edited_edited.jpg

Engr. Pedro Calderin

Sonia Montes_edited.jpg

Sonia Montes

Hector Rios.jpg

Hector Rios La Luz, MHSA

Beatriz Garcia.jpg

Beatriz García

Eduardo Lockwood.png

Lic. Edward Lockwood

Alicia Fernandez Sein, MD.JPG

Alicia Fernández Sein, MD (founding member)

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