Donating 501(c)(3)

Your Donation supports the most important pediatric hospital in the island and in the Caribbean.  The Pediatric Hospital inCentro Médicois the only pediatric hospital supra tertiary in Puerto Rico where the most complicated cases are treated.  In addition, the hospital serves medical students from the University of Puerto Rico that will ultimately train the hospital’s future doctors. Your donation will help improve the quality of healthcare and services to patients and their caregivers with better facilities, medical equipment, and support from medical staff members, volunteers, and family members.


We are a non-profit organization with extensive federal (501c3) and state contributions.  Your donations could be deduced from your taxes.


You can send your donation in many ways:

Fundraising Events for Corporations, Schools, Churches, and Other…

Participate or create a sport or art event

  • Ex. Golf tournament, soccer match, 5K, obstacle course

  • Ex. Theater play, concert, bohemia


Fundraise with celebration a special occasion

  • Birthday and anniversary 


Galas, parties or corporate meetings

  • Dinners, dances, corporate events, fashion shows


Be creative and help!

  • Casual day in school, car washes, bake sales

Pediatric Hospital Foundation

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